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Jb Audio

J.B. Audio, born in 1986 as Jan Breskott, is an aspiring creative mind in Wuppertals electronic music scene. 

He put on music for the first time at age 14 after a classic musical basic training and discovered his passion for the production of electronic music with 18, which lasts till today.

J.B. Audio finished his apprenticeship in audio technology and audio producing 2010 at the School for Audio Engineering  in Wuppertal and build his own studio there, in which he is producing since then. 

The Machine Worker EP was released that summer by Audio Dimension Records. J.B. Audios work, whose main influences are The Beastie Boys, Kraftwerk, Lauren Garnier and Chris Liebing, is labeled  by its diversity ever since the publication of his first record. Whether  hard beats or smooth sounds, he´s producing what´s fun and sounds good. However his joy in electronic sounds remains distinctive  in every track. J.B. Audio did collaborations with Artists like Nina Divorcé or Welf Maass and played gigs in clubs all around Germany. Silence is not an option as long as he has electrical power and  the membranes are swaying in his speakers. Because one thing will stay his accompanist for sure: his unswerving fervor for music.

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