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siz.da`s addiction to electronic rhythms was not at least driven by her intensive passion for dancing and acrobatics. She is listening to electronic music since 1994. In 2002 siz.da became the moving part of Klubradio ( She started to produce her own radio shows and broadcast live from clubs like WMF, Ostgut, Tresor, Sternradio Berlin and Click Hamburg. During these years her main interest was listening to music, getting inspiration from artists and enabling live shows for the growing community of radio.

This time defined her feel for music and club culture until today. In 2004 siz.da dared to take her first steps into own productions. She has an exceptional talent for controlling electronic devices and so she developed her own skills as a frequency nerd. In series of upcoming gigs around well known clubs partygoers can expect more of deep and groovy listening & dancing pleasure.. Get inspired!

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