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Tim Engelhardt

The Music is my diary”, is how Tim Engelhardt describes his kind of producing electronic music.

Others at his age, because Tim is only 14 years old, really write a diary and write their thoughts down. However Tim works on Drum Machines and Synthesizers, shapes and designs, programs and automates, until he has the feeling: ‘The Experienced is now captured forever and shows the people, how I perceived the world around me today.’

He does this with a certain passion which is really noteworthy and which is a sign for a real love for music. So he quickly got in the scene and released his first tracks and remixes on labels like Parquet Recordings or Beatpropaganda. In addition, he won a contest organized by the honored Harthouse-Label, which is still crucial for the infamous ‘Sound of Frankfurt’.

But that’s not enough for Tim. Almost parallel he already founded a label with friends to expand his vision of electronic music and for actually doing it without restrictions. It’s called Nachtglanz and above all, its target is to offer unknown ambitious artists a platform where they can musically let off steam. But always with the demanding to deliver high quality music, which is both nice for dancefloors and living rooms.

Currently Tim is working on his debut album, which is going to be released on Playmusic-Productions, a hamburg-based label. So you can be quite curios for what we will hear from this young man in the future.Tim

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