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PMP003 - AMOR FATI - Traeumer und Taenzer

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The third release on the vinyl-label 'Playmusic-Productions' is presented by the berlin-based Rene Reinert under his artist name 'Amor Fati', who's also the label owner of Black Is Black Recordings. On his very unique work for Playmusic-Productions called 'Träumer & Tänzer', which is german for 'Dreamer & Dancer' he combines remarkable soundscapes, deep keys, an epic trumpet lick and the drums. Nothing more, not even a real baseline. But that is possibly what makes this tune so special. Also included in the package is a remix from PMP's wunderkind Tim Engelhardt, whose mix is definitely for the dance floor. In the first 3 minutes the mix simply has an amazing flow using the main loop from the original, a smooth baseline, rolling hats and some groovy shakers. Then a wonderful danceable break and the trumpets come in. All in all, a magic mix. Then label head Andreas Lindemann is bringing the original to the top. Against all expectations, he made a very smooth and relaxing mix, which is starting with sea waves he recorded in Mexico. Then a very soft and moody pad fades in, and for a few minutes this lovely just takes you on a journey. Then the trumpet wakes you up, the percussions make you dance again and a really sweet 303 line takes you back in time! To come to an end, this release can also be described in one sentence: All the tracks are using the same elements, but every artist does this in his very own style.

Get into the Vibe…:-)

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